Walking Away ≠ Quitting

Hello everyone! Today’s post as you see above is discussing how walking away does not equal quitting. Now I’m sure most of you are thinking, “Um, hate to burst your bubble JC but these two words mean the exact same thing”. I’m here to tell you that’s an alternative fact and here’s why:

Quitting (v): to stop trying, struggling, or the like; accept or acknowledge defeat

Quitter (n) – someone who leaves as soon as things get tough or the person your mama told you to NEVER be; someone who disappears at the first sign of conflict

Used in a sentence: “What happened to your New Year’s Resolutions? You quit?”, “Thomas quit an organization he joined because he hated the time commitment.” & “I could stop buying hair products, but I’m not a quitter” (LOL)

To sum it up, this term has a negative connotation and is usually referring to people that are inconsistent or lazy. Like that one kid in middle school that started and stopped EVERY SINGLE extracurricular activity that was offered at the school or like how I quit taking piano lessons at a really young age and now I wish I’d stuck with it because I’ve always dreamed of pulling an Alicia Keys at Jazz & Poetry Night but I quit so that will never happen. Quitting gives you immediate gratification but it is also an indication that you have accepted defeat. Think about the infamous tortoise and the hare narrative. The

Think about the infamous tortoise and the hare narrative. The hare was supposed to win because he was known for being fast but his upper hand caused his downfall because he took a nap in the middle of the race. The tortoise had other animals in his ear telling him to just give up because there was no way he could beat the hare BUT he decided to persevere and not accept defeat. Had the tortoise given up, he would’ve lost a race he could’ve won.

If you KNOW or even have an inkling that by leaving you will regret your decision either now or in a few years, don’t do it. You will thank yourself later.

Walking Away (v): to stop being involved in a situation because the situation (friendship, relationship, etc.) is difficult to deal with, does not give you any advantages, or is hindering your growth

Used in a sentence: “I had to walk away from BSU because it was no longer promoting my growth.”& “Susan had to walk away from Matt because she realized the relationship was toxic and they were making each other miserable.”

DISCLAIMER: Please remember that just because something or someone was not beneficial to you does not mean you need to go around and convince everyone else to walk away from it as well. Sometimes it’s just you. Sometimes you have to walk away to make room for something greater in your life AND sometimes you have to walk away so that a person or thing can become greater without you. Don’t forget that.

To sum it up, this term also has a negative connotation BUT it is actually a very positive thing. Now there will be people who will try to convince you that you quit but as long as YOU are fully content with your decision and YOU can sleep well at night, that is all that matters. You have to live with yourself for the rest of your life and you don’t know how long you’ll be here so don’t spend the time you have left in situations you know you don’t need to be in.

So the question now becomes, “Why is it so difficult to walk away from things that we know are bad for us?”

Walking away is:

  • painful.
  • not something that should be taken lightly.
  • a difficult decision.
  • brave.
  • something you will not regret in the long run.
  • a sign of strength & maturity.
  • an act of self-love.

Sometimes you have to be selfish in your decision-making. Sometimes you have to leave that friendship/relationship so that you both can be happy and grow.

But in the end, you will not regret it and you will come out stronger. Who knows? This could be that pivotal decision that can be found in every single success story. So, I encourage all of you to stop being quitters when it comes to things that can be overcome and to walk away from anything that is hindering your growth, contributing to your demise, or making you feel unappreciated.

Peace & Love,



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