Accessories, accessories, accessories…

20170407_214851This outfit was inspired by my Sk8-Hi Canvas Black & White Vans.Today’s topic is ACCESSORIES. If you look closely at my outfit, you’ll see that it is actually just a  basic pair of jeans and a t-shirt but the add-ons make all of the difference. They transform my outfit from BORING to BANGIN’!

20170407_214906First I added a denim jacket. Adding a jacket is the easiest way to boost your outfit’s appearance so I suggest having at least 3 different types in your closet (i.e. denim, windbreaker, and leather).20170407_214933Next, I added a hat because every day is not a good hair day and hats are certainly lifesavers. I could’ve gone with any hat but I chose this one because I wanted my shoes to be the only color that really stood out. Also, I turned the hat around because I did not want to cover my face since I took the time to do my makeup.20170407_215257The last accessory I’m going to talk about today is my glasses which brought my entire outfit together.20170407_215310

Shirt: Plato’s Closet

Jeans: American Eagle

Hat: Rue 21 ($3)

Glasses: SoJos

Watch: Amazon


Hope you all enjoyed this look and be sure to like, comment, and follow my blog.

Peace & Love,



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