Do-It-Yourself Date Night Look

Have you ever looked through your closet and had “nothing to wear”?

Are you tired of having to buy something new EVERY time you go out?

Then this post is for YOU!

So I had an event coming up and I wanted to wear something new without spending money. I looked through my entire closet, found nothing, and pretty much opted to stay home. Then I was watching DK4L (my favs!) and saw this:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.31.54 PM

I got a large button down shirt. 

 I found this tutorial on YouTube (No cutting, sewing, or gluing is required.)






I paired the top with a skirt because I love the feminity of it but you could also pair it with high-waisted trouser pants or even jeans for a more casual look.


Hope you all enjoyed this Do-It-Yourself Date Night look!

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Peace & Love,



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