Choose Joy.

Here’s my hectic week summed up into 9 bullet points:

  • Father got rushed to the hospital.
  • Went home for the weekend to spend time with my family.
  • I got so sick that I couldn’t come back to Auburn until the day before my finals.
  • One of my blog posts got featured on the GirlPlusGod app!
  • I took my finals and felt really confident afterward.
  • Someone broke into my car.
  • I got an opportunity to be featured in ANOTHER app so be on the lookout for that.
  • I finally recovered from my horrible sinus problems.
  • I get a 4.0 for the semester which has been a goal of mine since freshman year and I FINALLY reached it.

While there were a couple of things on that list that I could’ve allowed to bring me down, I chose joy. Instead of doing what comes so naturally to all of us which is focusing on the negative, I chose to focus on the positive which made up the majority of the events that took place this week.

How many times have we ruined our own joy by choosing to be angry or upset about the one thing that went wrong among the many that went right?

Life is not perfect. Life will never be perfect. Life is not meant to be perfect. If you’re waiting for your life to be perfect so that you can be happy, you’ll be waiting a lifetime.

Snap out of it.

Your joy is right here. Right now. In your face. Waiting for you to acknowledge it.

If you don’t know where to start, just start by making a list of what you’re thankful for. You’ll immediately go to things like food, clothes, and shelter. But if you really take the time to look at your life, you’ll notice things like how you should’ve made a C on that Chemistry exam but somehow you got an A, or how the good in your life always outweighs the bad, or how God continues to bless you even though you haven’t been giving Him any of your time.

God does so much for us but you will never see it as long as you’re blinded by the things in your life that aren’t going the way YOU want them to go. Maybe that particular situation isn’t working out because God can see how much harm it will cause you or He just may have something much bigger planned for you.

Don’t get blinded by perfection.

Don’t allow YOUR way of wanting things done to block God’s hand.

Don’t allow negative events to give you tunnel vision.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13 [NIV])

Choose JOY and allow your eyes open up to all of the blessings around you.

Peace & Love,



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