Let’s Talk About Personal Style.

Hello everyone and welcome back to The JC Effect! Today I’m sharing some photos from my “Coca-Cola Photoshoot” and talking a little bit about personal style.

Personal style is the easiest way to get a sense of someone’s personality. It’s how people will perceive you when you walk into a room. It’s also how you advertise yourself to your future boss and/or even a potential suitor.

Recently I did some soul searching and I realized: I don’t have a personal style. I would find things on social media and put my own spin on it but I never took the time to figure out exactly how I wanted people to perceive me.

So after spending endless hours on Pinterest, I came up with the 3 words that describe my personal style flawlessly and hopefully after seeing mine, you’ll consider finding the 3 words or phrase that describe YOUR personal style.

My descriptors are as follows:


1. VERSATILE.  I love outfits that can be worn practically anywhere as well. For instance, this is a great summer outfit for me because it can be worn to a lunch date, a baseball game, and a photo shoot. I also don’t limit myself to casual outfits. I thoroughly enjoy getting dressed up to go to formal events so that’s another way I look at my versatility.


2. EFFORTLESS. I tend to create outfits that can easily be transformed with the addition of an accessory such as a jacket (worn regularly or around the waist) or with a simple change of shoes. I just don’t prefer to look like I worked all day to create my look for the day…even if I did plan that particular outfit for weeks (LOL!).


3. UNAPOLOGETIC. I simply wear what want to wear whether it’s Vans & a cut off tee or stilettos & a midi skirt. Because I have such a good grasp of my personal style, it doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about what I wear. I get dressed for me and not for anybody else’s approval.


Once you make fashion a personal thing, everything that may have made it overwhelming or boring is gone. For example: if you know your personal style, walking into huge department stores is no longer intimidating because you will already have an idea of what you’re looking for. If you make a mental note of the things you HATE, it’ll be so much easier to look past the fluff in every store and find what you LOVE.


Hat: Auburn University Bookstore

Glasses: Rue21

Shirt: JCPenney (I cut the collar.)

Shorts: Mom Jeans from GoodWill that I cut into shorts

Shoes: True White Authentic Vans


What’s your personal style? Comment below! I’d love to hear. 😉

Peace & Love,



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